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It was while they were in high school that Linda´s family moved to Salt Lake City because of a job change for her father.  She and her mother began to attend Anchor Baptist Church, and that is where Don and Linda met.  While Don attended Bible college, Linda studied nursing in Salt Lake City.  When she finished her nurses training, they were married and returned to Minnesota for Don´s last year of Bible college.  After graduation in the fall of 1969, they returned to Salt Lake City where Don served as the associate pastor for one year.  In the summer of 1970, they were approved as missionaries to Brazil by the World Baptist Fellowship.  In 1972, they arrived in Brazil with their son Andrew for their first term of service.  Benjamin was born just a few months after their arrival in Brazil.  After language study, they began serving in the interior of the state of São Paulo and also in the capital city, São Paulo.  They were there from 1974 until 1998.  During those years, the Lord gave them three more children, Peter, Sara and Rachel.

In 1998, the Lord led Don to assume the position as mission director of the Independent Baptist Fellowship Mission in Fort Worth, Texas.  He served in that position for eight years.  In 2006, he resigned that position, and the Lord began to lead them to return to Brazil.  In 2007, a new work was begun in the city of Cornélio Procópio in the state of Paraná.  In January of 2018, they left Cornélio Procópio for a year's furlough.  They left the church with a national pastor, and upon returning to Brazil in March of 2019, they have assumed leadership responsibility of a small work in the city of Rolândia, Paraná.  They are working with and training a couple who have been called to the ministry with the goal of turning the work over to them when they are fully prepared.

All five of their children are married, and they have 8 grandchildren.  Benjamin and his family surrendered to be missionaries and are also serving in Brazil in the state of São Paulo.


Don and Linda are currently members of Victory Baptist Church in Weatherford, Texas, and have been since 1998 when Don assumed the position of mission director.  They are approved missionaries with the Global Independent Baptist Mission with headquarters in Lewisville, Texas.